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     Children develop to their full potential when they are given the opportunity and environment that allows them to "want to know". In a nutshell that is what we are all about - helping a child explore the start of the roadway leading to knowledge, awareness, and self-expression. Given the proper care, attention, and surroundings, combined with an encouragement to learn, we help a child to gain the confidence and desire to progress at their own pace.

Approach to Child Development

     Each and every child is special in ways that we strive to recognize. These special qualities are the ones that must be allowed to flourish. Every child will be given the opportunity to develop in a creative and social environment within a safe and attentive atmosphere. Our curriculum is geared towards the achievement of self-expression in creative activities and will concentrate on cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development while allowing the child to have fun as they explore the exciting world around them.

Program of Development

     Recognizing the necessity to balance a child's developmental progress, we concentrate on the social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of the child through introducing creative ways to explore and learn. Activities and experiences are structured to promote the cognitive and motor development in a non-threatening environment. Each child is encouraged to grow and learn through the use of a variety of media and materials, and always at the individual child's own pace.

Age Groups

The minimum age is 2 years and nine months as of the enrollment date. Maximum age is 5 years.



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