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Parent Testimonials

"Our two sons have spent three happy and wonderful years at Parkside Preschool. The staff provided a very loving, nurturing and safe environment for them while developing their social skills and confidence and preparing them for Kindergarten. Our boys learned so much while at Parkside including music and science! They are really going to miss their teachers and the wonderful friends that they made there." N. M., Newton, MA
"When I first visited Parkside Preschool I was drawn to the school because it was run by a family. I narrowed my choices from eight schools to two schools but the most important factor for me was safety and trust. Knowing that the school was founded and run by two sisters for almost twenty years and that their mother assisted with the childcare helped me feel that my child would be safe. In addition, Parkside Preschool has multiple teachers that have been there almost as long. This longevity creates a sense of family and trust which resonates throughout the school." A. S., Newton, MA

"Alex seems to be thriving and happy. So many of the concerns that we had at the beginning of the school year seem to have dissipated. We attribute that to a large extent to the nurturing environment at Parkside, and to the care, attention, and learning that you, as his teachers, have given him." F. D., Newton, MA
"Not only do you run the best preschool around, you create an atmosphere of caring, dedication and plain old fun for everyone. I have to thank you for making Nicoleís first school experience so special." P. P., Newton, MA  
  "I really canít have imagined a better place for our children to begin their "formal education". Lots of love, a little discipline, plenty of playtime, creative projects, encouragement and understanding Ö time to be a child! You have a dedicated staff and run a top-notch program."S S., Newton, MA
"We have been part of the Parkside Community since 2000. It has been such an enriching and worm experience for all of us. We will always have such fond memories of your wonderful school. I canít think of a better introduction to schooling than Parkside." M. F., Newton, MA
"Thank you for over 7 years of both great education and delightfulness. There is no preschool more parent friendly." L. F., Newton, MA
"Parkside has been a place of nurturing, of fun, of blossoming spirits and precious friendships formed. Each of our kids has emerged from their years here radiant, excited about school and confident in themselves. Thank you for your love and for all you do to make this school a fabulous part of the foundation for young lives." D. S., Newton, MA  
  "Colin loves going to school. Thank you for creating such a fun and nurturing place." K. B., Newton, MA
"How can I thank you for 7 years of wonderful nurturing of my children? I have been rather choked up over the past months as the end of Benjaminís preschool approaches. Parkside has provided a loving, fun, educational experience for our three children." L. F., Newton, MA
"Parkside Preschool is a wonderful preschool. The environment is a very safe, energetic, loving and nurturing one where each child is made to feel special. When my twin boys started at Parkside they were very shy and reluctant to be separated from my husband and myself. The teachers at Parkside worked very hard to help us with the transition and to reassure us that the boys would be fine. We have seen our sons develop into two confident and social little boys who love going to school every morning and seeing their teachers and friends." Parent Comment from the Internet
"The teachers are very loving and affectionate with the children. They have lots of energy and enthusiasm and work hard at developing the children's social skills and confidence. As far as I am concerned, good social skills and confidence are of great importance to a child." Parent Comment from the Internet


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